Metropolis is a non-commercial project and provides its services for free. In order to provide this service, servers must be rented and paid for. The monthly server costs are currently at   730.45 EUR  , which must be paid by the  20th of February . Here we depend on your donation! This month   35.00 EUR   have been already donated, which is   4.79 %   of the total monthly costs. So there is still a shortage of   695.45 EUR  .

Our request: please DONATE TODAY for the Metropolis Grid. The donations are used exclusively for server costs, as all admins and supporters work as volunteers. This will help ensure that Metropolis continues to be the safest grid available, for FREE!

4.79 %
LAST DONATIONS:          Germany 15.00 €         Germany 10.00 €         Brazil 10.00 €

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