Metropolis Grid offers its residents and visitors not only the grid services (assets and inventory) but also an enhanced data security which has double replication of data as well as additional backups. Security is top priority for Metro, not only concerning stored data but also communication, which we switched to the cryptographic protocol SSL.

All of this costs money! Because Metro does not charge for using the grid services the arising costs have to be met by donations. Unfortunately the donations are declining lately and the costs for running the grid are rising. We will also have to expand on our storage capacity in the short term.

Thank you to all donators that have supported us until now. Without you, there would not be a Metropolis grid anymore! With this appeal we would like to address all Metros that have not yet been part of the grids survival by donating. Especially we would like to address everyone who rents out regions and even profits from using the grid services financially.

Please help Metro with a donation! It can be a small one. If one time or as a monthly subscription: Every donation helps!

Thank you very much for your understanding and your donation!
Your Admins: Wanda, Zak, Uncle, Sheera, Neovo and Lena
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