Avatar/Inventory Transfer

From the 24.02.2019 on the Metropolis Grid will migrate to a new database. With this action we will clean up no longer deeded data and will shrink the database. This will greatly speed up data processing and make it more secure. The database will be permanently accessible through the migration process.

The easiest and safest way to transfer your avatar from the old database to the new database is the automatic data transfer, which can be ordered here. The avatar with all data (identity, inventory, appearance, groups, etc.) will be automatically transferred to the new database. So, no new registration of the avatar is necessary, because its identity remains. Thus, all links continue to be active. At the same time, a data check will be performed to automaticly correct data inconsistencies.

The transmission of your avatar (and all avatar data) can be ordered with a one-time PayPal payment of 5,00 Euro . Payment via another payment method is not possible.

We recommend using the following login form to order the automated data transfer of your avatar.

Note: Tenants of Metropolis regions are automatically (including their region data) transferred to the new database. So, they do not need to make any decisions here! All other Metro users should log in using the form below.