Region Information

Region   adachi
UUID   [hidden]
Coordinates   X: 8436   Y: 7079  
Region Type   SingleRegion
Dimension   1 x 1 Regions
Total Size   65.536 sqm
Last Connection   16.11.2017 - 12:30
Server   [hidden]
Server-Port   [hidden]
Server Response   Good
Teleport   secondlife://adachi/128/128/24
HG Taxi   secondlife://
Travelogue/Reisebericht   http://
Project Homepage   http://
About   ADULT Sassafrass Fetish Club Sassafrass. 1. One who is sassy and fine. Also a term of endearment, or used to describe someone who has just delighted you. All welcome here ... three freebie stores with some new oopsee creations plus other hundreds of quality goodies, town with adult flickr gallery, frisky pool hall. dark church and surrounding dense forest with a fetish club in the center ... no porn but highly erotic ... think sexy classy, sassafrassy ;0 Public exhibitionism approved of and public sex is possible within semi private areas. If your shy but enjoy this kind of atmosphere please come, all friendly ;))) Super for submissive meeting dominate, no discrimination for gender benders or any sexual orientation. Just a place to express yourself as you feel, Find a group joiner at entrance to club or in the town - please feel free to use group chat to meet, find, connect with other members and help build a community of fun. really hope you enjoy cause I made it just for
Category 1   Freebies
Category 2   Community
Category 3   Party

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