Region Information

Region   Shadow Myst
UUID   [hidden]
Coordinates   X: 29831   Y: 29831  
Region Type   VarRegion
Dimension   4 x 4 Regions
Total Size   1.048.576 sqm
Last Connection   18.02.2019 - 06:32
Server   [hidden]
Server-Port   [hidden]
Server Response   Bad
Owner   Shadows Myst
Teleport   secondlife://Shadow%20Myst/128/128/24
HG Taxi   secondlife:// Myst/128/128/24
Travelogue/Reisebericht   http://
Project Homepage   http://
About   Eastern USA I live in Augusta GA. USA I am a very southern lady and very much in love with my husband Rocky...He has stuck with me through out my illness and helped me in many ways...There are only two men I know of today like that Rocky and Joseph...two men whom I love dearly, one my husband, one my best dearest friend...Both have been here for me, through my laughter and my pain and my tears and my recovery...Thank you both for always being here for me *smiles*... I love you both dearly...
Category 1   Eastern
Category 2   Religion/Religious
Category 3   Natur/Nature

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