Region Information

Region   Squad 9
UUID   [hidden]
Coordinates   X: 6740   Y: 6740  
Region Type   VarRegion
Dimension   4 x 4 Regions
Total Size   1.048.576 sqm
Last Connection   17.01.2019 - 18:58
Server   [hidden]
Server-Port   [hidden]
Server Response   no data
Owner   Marfa Vas
Teleport   secondlife://Squad%209/128/128/24
HG Taxi   secondlife:// 9/128/128/24
Travelogue/Reisebericht   http://
Project Homepage   http://
About   UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Region of the group "Squad 9" for role-playing games in Russian. In the "Welcome Area" you can find FREEBIE stores for builders (sculpts, mesh, scripts). The area near the stores is safe, but in the play territory there are combat operations are allowed. Be careful if you want to travel. In advance, we apologize for any inconvenience and accidental death of guests avatars. For your safety, do not leave the "Welcome Area". But there are no prohibitions to visit other places.
Category 1   Rollenspiel/Roleplay
Category 2   Freebies
Category 3   Kunst/Art

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