Region Information

Region   ChangeRooms
UUID   [hidden]
Coordinates   X: 7070   Y: 7002  
Region Type   VarRegion
Dimension   3 x 3 Regions
Total Size   589.824 sqm
Last Connection   18.02.2019 - 07:43
Server   [hidden]
Server-Port   [hidden]
Server Response   Bad
Owner   Neovo Geesink
Teleport   secondlife://ChangeRooms/128/128/24
HG Taxi   secondlife://
Travelogue/Reisebericht   http://
Project Homepage   http://
About   For all avatars who want to style their Avatars and clothing in a private environment. Rezzing is possible.
Category 1   OpenSim
Category 2   No data available
Category 3   No data available

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